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      Driven by the cloud's data and the interconnection of things, we have been committed to promoting the intelligent and concise development of the e-bike industry over the years. Our product research and development has always focused on three core areas: easy-assembly for e-bike manufacturers, diversified-selection for brand owners, and safer rides for consumers. After taking the lead in launching the world's first modular-designed controller in 2016, we continued to complete the modular design iteration of our PRO series displays and upgraded our complete electronic control kits.
      Empowering and serving the global e-bike industry is our mission. We will work harder to contribute new solutions to global green energy and a sustainable future.

      Cloud Drive Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd was established in Shanghai in 2015, and then built an R&D Center and Manufacturing Base in Nanjing in 2019. Cloud Drive is a high-tech enterprise that integrates the R&D, design, and production of intelligent electronic control systems and products for two-wheeled vehicles, such as electric bicycles and electric scooters.
      Our self-developed and manufactured products range covers displays, controllers, sensors, and special accessories, which can work well with most global branded motors. We provide the best-matched products and full technical services for e-bike manufacturers, brand owners, and design companies.




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